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Lacing needles for paracord


Usually, lacing needles for paracord have quite steep points, which can make getting them through tighter knots somewhat difficult.

So I thought "how can I make them better?" and then made a few prototypes with different angle tips, before settling on this design.

I started off making these for myself, but friends who make paracord liked them, so I made some for them, but never thought of putting them up for sale here.

Well now they're available!

These are made from CZ121 brass and have a fairly long pointed nose. The body off the needle has been drilled out and threaded internally to so that you can screw a length of paracord into the end.

Note that you need to melt the end of the paracord to form a reasonable size blob of plastic at the end on order to screw it in, and it may take a few tries until you get the blob size right so that it gets a tight hold inside the needle.

Price is for a pair of lacing needles. Each is approx 8cm long and 6.5mm in diameter, made from CZ121 brass. Please note that as they are handmade length of each needle may vary and they may not be exactly the same length as each other although I try to keep the lengths of a pair within +/- 1 to 2 mm of each other.

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